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Technical Support
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Technical support

This page contains some important information on the (freeware) distribution of Glossword, a software for making online multilingual glossaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias.

This directory


If you have technical problems with running, installing, or updating Glossword write to dev@glossword.info and include the following information:

  1. Contact name.
  2. Your City, Country.
  3. Problem summary.
  4. Current results.
  5. Expected results.
  6. How to reproduce the problem.
  7. System information of server where Glossword installed
    (Get system information of this server).

When you need just an advice feel free to write to dev@glossword.info also. Additional e-mail is tty01@rambler.ru.

If you need a hosting for your Glossword installation, try (could be your company name).

Help Glossword

Glossword is freeware, but it needs your financial support in order to be the modern dictionary management software. Your donation will go to help the developer keep up the Glossword growth. Author needs in regular payments for internet access, rental fees, clothes, and food.

Donators have higher priority for support and receive quicker resolution for any issues related to Glossword usage.

How to donate

Using donation you may order specific options for your Glossword installation like "copyright removal" and more components like FAQ manager, Links catalog, Mailing list, News feed. Please contact for more details.

After installation

Several tips, you need to know before to start tuning and customizing the software.

Search-friendly URLs

To enable Apache`s module ‘mod_rewrite’:
  1. Edit file ‘/glossword/inc/config.inc.php’:
    glossword/inc/config.inc.php or glossword/custom_vars.php
    1. $sys['is_mod_rewrite'] = 1; /* [ 0 - off | 1 - on ] */
  2. Edit file ‘/glossword/.htaccess’:
    1. ## mod_rewrite configuration
    2. RewriteEngine on
    3. RewriteBase /glossword
    4. RewriteRule ([0-9a-zA-Z-.,_])+xhtml$ index.php

Cache directory

Database caching is used to speed up website. When enabled, some pages displayed as fast as static HTML. It takes about 50 Kbytes on disk, + 1..30 Kbytes per dictionary (uncompressed). To enable, open ‘glossword/inc/config.inc.php’, search for section ‘‘System settings’’ and set $sys['is_cache'] to 1:

  1. $sys['is_cache_sql'] = 1;
  2. $sys['cache_zlib'] = 0;
  3. $sys['cache_lifetime'] = 10080; /* week */
  4. $sys['path_cache_sql'] = 'gw_temp/cache_sql';

In addition, you can enable or disable Zlib compression for cache files and change directory name. Make sure cache directory is writable by server. Zlib compression allows to save extra space but takes a little more CPU.

Page caching

Besides caching database results, Glossword allows to turn on HTTP-caching. It is when a page contents will be loaded from browser`s cache on every repeated page request instead of being transfered from the server to user.

  1. $sys['is_cache_http'] = 1; /* [ 0 - off | 1 - on ] */

Post-processing functions

The text of definitions and all HTML-code is parsed by special PHP-functions for transformation before to output.

  1. $sys['filters_output'] = array('gw_text_smooth');
  2. $sys['filters_defn'] = array('gw_text_smooth_defn');
  3. $sys['is_debug_output'] = 0; /* [ 0 - off | 1 - on ] */

You may declare your own PHP-function inside file ‘glossword/custom_vars.php’ and then just to add the function name to configuration:

glossword/inc/config.inc.php or glossword/custom_vars.php
  1. $sys['filters_defn'] = array('gw_text_smooth_defn', 'gw_autolinks');

Extension "Autolinks", which is included into package by default, works in the same way. By changing value of $sys['is_debug_output'] it is possible to activate or deactivate all post-processing functions.

Dictionary examples

Example Glossword dictionary. Used more than 40 languages.

Log in, create dictionary, import XML-file.

Additional information

You may remove ‘/glossword/support’ directory from this server.

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© 2002-2006 Dmitry N. Shilnikov, Glossword developer